FDA Warns of Opioid Drug Mix-Up

MedPage Today (01/09/12) Petrochko, Cole
The FDA has issued a warning that pills, tablets, or caplets of Percocet and eight other opioid products packaged by Novartis for Endo Pharmaceuticals may have been mixed up, with one drug being packaged as another. The other products include Opana ER CII, Opana CII, Percodan CII, Oxymorphone hydrochloride CII, Endocet CII, Endodan CII, Morphine sulfate ER CII, and Zydone CIII. A listing on the FDA website is augumented by a more complete list of strength and a guide to colors, shapes, and markings of the affected products on the Endo website. The affected products were packaged at the Lincoln, Neb., plant involved in a recall of over-the-counter products manufactured by Novartis, including Excedrin and NoDoz.

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